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Welcome to BBB 2016


Antonio BaroneDear Colleagues,

it is our great pleasure to introduce the second international BBB Symposium on guided tissue regeneration. The unique venue of the Agenzia Hotel in Pollenzo will host a full day of lectures dedicated to the most advanced techniques and materials for GBR, held by a group of researchers and clinicians that have dedicated their professional life to these fascinating topics. There is a great and growing need to treat periodontal defects, as well as to restore adequate bone volume before or in implant treatment. In parallel, patients have high expectations regarding function, esthetics, rehabilitation time and operative discomfort.

How can we and do we respond to all these requirements? As P.I. Brånemark always taught us: “by respecting mother nature” which is the ultimate challenge in the treatment of our patients.
This challenge comprises to develop biomaterials and surgical techniques that allow neovascularisation in the grafted area, cells to rapidly form new bone on and within surfaces that mimic autogenous bone, and, finally, by stimulating osteoclastic resorption and consequent progressive replacement of the scaffold with newly formed bone.

Ulf Nanmark

Furthermore, an extremely interesting frontier is the search for valid alternatives to connective tissue grafts as soft tissue augmentation can and will help surgeons to expand and improve clinical performance, both in implant dentistry and periodontology.

We welcome you therefore to join this event, which goes beyond the specific issues related to bone and biomaterials, with the ambition to provide a compre - hensive perspective for oral rehabilitation of our patients, deriving from research, long term clinical experience and passion for our profession.

See you in Alba!

Antonio Barone
Ulf Nannmark


Bone Biomaterials & Beyond: the bookAbstractBone Biomaterials & Beyond: the book

The introduction of osseointegrated dental implants soon 50 years ago has indeed revolutionized dentistry. The scientific evaluation of their use has shown good and increasingly successful treatment outcomes. A prerequisite though is the availability of sufficient bone volumes to ensure integration and acceptable aesthetic results.

In this book various surgical techniques, using different augmentation materials, are described and explained. The aim has been to highlight minimally invasive surgical techniques, which leads to less risk of morbidity and reduces treatment time.
Readers will enjoy a comprehensive atlas providing some practical advise for every day surgical practice based on solid scientific evidence.

Prof Antonio Barone
Prof Ulf Nannmark



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